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What should I do if I forget my PIN?

Visit your Mfukoni app and go to > LET’S GET STARTED>LOGIN> FORGOT PIN. You will be prompted to answer security questions as submitted during self-registration and follow the steps thereafter. For correct answers, you will receive instant SMS of your new PIN credentials.

What precautions do I take to secure my PIN?

To protect your PIN:

  • Memorize your PIN and do not write it anywhere
  • Don't disclose your PIN to anyone, including SBM Bank staff
  • Change your PIN at regular intervals
  • Don't use obvious PIN that are easy to guess Your pin your secret

Note Your PIN is your secret. Please do not share it with anyone including any bank staff.

Why am I logged out, or my session expires/times out and I have to log in again?

After some period of inactivity, the system will log you off. This is meant to secure your profile. You can log in afresh to resume transacting.

I am getting errors while transacting on Mfukoni mobile banking, what should I do?

The mobile app will present a pop-up error message that will guide you on the cause of action. Please reach out to SBM Bank Contact Center or visit the nearest SBM Bank Branch for assistance

I am getting a blank display when I attempt to login or activate the app, what should I do?

Please restart your phone and retry. Reach out to our Contact Centre for assistance if this is not successful.

How do I register or activate my Online banking?

Login to your Mfukoni app profile go to Quick Links > Settings > ACTIVATE ONLINE BANKING>Enter Preferred Online Banking User ID >SEND>Enter your Mfukoni PIN>SUBMIT>OK. Upon successful submission, you will receive your online banking credentials via SMS to your mobile number registered with the bank.

What is a One Time Password – OTP?

A One Time Password (OTP) is a 6-digit authentication code sent to the mobile number registered with SBM bank for use to successfully login or perform transactions on Mfukoni mobile banking.

Do I get an OTP every time I transact on the Mfukoni mobile banking platform?

All Mfukoni transactions are subject to an OTP. This is to safeguard your transaction.

How can I update my mobile phone number with the bank?

Kindly visit the nearest SBM Bank Kenya branch to update your details with your original ID. Please update the bank whenever you change your contact details e.g. mobile number, e-mail address, etc.

Can I receive OTP while out of the country?

OTP can be received while out of the country if your mobile number is on roaming service. Any charges will be borne by the customer.

Note: If you change your SIM Card while outside the country, the OTP will not be received thus you cannot proceed to successfully submit your Mfukoni transaction.

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