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Stay liquid with access to SBM overdraft. With this facility, you can overdraw your account up to a specified limit and manage cashflow gaps that may arise.

Why choose the SBM Overdraft

Instant access to money

Competitive interest rates

Interest is calculated only on the overdrawn amount

Eligibility / Documents Required

  • Account should not have unauthorized overdrawn positions or unpaid items over the last six months
  • Account holder should have a good CRB rating
  • Facility should not fall under the banks list of prohibited business
  • Available to both existing and new SBM account holders


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Rates & Fees

  • Interest rate : +4% for Kenya Shillings; US $ based on the 3 month LIBOR.
  • Processing Fees - 3%
Manage Cashflow Gaps with SBM Overdraft Facility