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Don’t be hard up when you can access an overdraft. With this facility, you can overdraw your account up to a specified limit and manage cashflow gaps that may arise.

Why choose the SBM Overdraft

Interest is calculated only on the overdrawn amount

Competitive interest rates compared to the market

Instant access to money upon application

Eligibility / Documents Required

  • Account should not have unauthorized overdrawn or unpaid credit over the last six months
  • Account holder should have a good CRB rating
  • Facility should not fall under the banks list of prohibited business
  • Available to both existing and new SBM account holders



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Rates & Fees

  • Interest rate : +4% for Kenya Shillings; US $ based on the 3 month LIBOR.
  • Processing fees - 3%
Secure Your Corporate Finances with SBM Overdraft