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If you are looking for a savings account for a short to medium term savings plan to achieve your goals, the platinum saver account is the ideal account for you. With an interest rate of 6% per annum, it is among the most competitive in the market.

Why choose the SBM Platinum Saver Account

6% Interest per annum, paid monthly

KES 100,000 minimum operating balance

1 withdrawal every quarter

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Rates & Fees

  • The minimum operating balance is Kes 100,000
  • Withdrawals on the account are restricted to once every
  • The interest is to be paid out on a monthly basis
  • The account is available in KES only
  • The account will still earn an interest of 3% if the account
    balance dips below KES 100,000
  • No access to ATM, cheque books, internet banking and mobile banking encourages saving.
SBM Platinum Saver Account