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Our Treasury department is equipped with state of the art dealing room that has access to local and global financial markets. We are able to facilitate foreign exchange and international trade by providing the following services.

  • Active monitoring and remittances of local and major global currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, JPY, INR, ZAR, CAD,AED CNY and regional UGX, TZS and RWF
  • Remittance of major currencies across the globe – USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, AED, ZAR, JPY.
  • Daily market updates and treasury bulletin with analysis and latest trends.
Products Description Benefits
FX Spot FX trade that allows one to buy /sell currency and settle on or before 2 business days. Straightforward, Flexible No collateral required.
FX Forward FX trade that allows one to buy/sell currency and settle on a fixed date beyond 2 business days. Protection against adverse currency moves, proper planning and certainty on future rates
FX Swap An FX trade that allows one to buy/ sell currency on or before the spot and convert (swap) back to the same at the pre-determined future date. Protection against adverse currency moves, currency moves, proper management of surplus / deficit currency, proper planning and reduced uncertainty.

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