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These are term facilities with fixed regular repayment installments normally on a monthly basis, but may be quarterly, half yearly or even annually depending on the cash flows of the borrowing entity. They are used to finance acquisition of assets or working capital.

Why choose the Term Loans

The tenure may be short term, for working capital facilities, or medium to long term depending on purpose and nature of business

Competitive interest rates

Quick turnaround time

Eligibility / Documents Required

  • Maximum qualifiable amount is 25% of total annual turnovers
  • Account should not have unauthorized overdrawn positions or unpaid items over the last six months
  • Maximum tenure is 12 months
  • Not negatively listed on CRB
  • Facility should not fall under the banks list of prohibited business
  • Duly filled and signed application form
  • Available to both existing customers and new to the bank

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Rates & Fees

  • Interest rate pricing for Kenya Shilling denominated facilities is linked to the bank base rate+ 4% margin, FCY denominated facilities are linked to the 3 month LIBOR.
  • Processing Fees of 3%
Term Loans