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Correspondent Banking

We offer access to other markets across the Globe through our network of reputable Financial Institutions and other financial partners to efficiently manage your commercial payments to and from other jurisdictions in various currencies. Additionally, we also facilitate Trade Finance transactions by offering competitive customized solutions in collaboration with our Financial Institutions partners through Letter of credit/ guarantee advising and confirmations.

Currency Correspondent Bank SWIFT/BIC Account No Settlement
USD Citibank New York CITIUS33 Account no: 36302203 Fedwire no: 021000089 CP,FX
USD Standard Chartered Bank, New York SCBLUS33 Account no: 3582-020381-001 Fedwire no. 026002561 CP,FX
EUR Citibank London CITIGB2L Account no: 10357219 IBAN no: GB31CITI18500810357219 CP,FX
EUR Standard Chartered Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main SCBLDEFX Account no: DE25512305000050001201 CP,FX
GBP Citibank London CITIGB2L Account no: 10357227 IBAN no: GB09CITI18500810357227 Sort code: 185008 CP,FX
GBP Standard Chartered Bank London SCBLGB2L Account no: 012511452 01 IBAN no: GB78SCSCBL60910412511452 Sort code : 609104 CP,FX
CNY Standard Chartered Bank, Shanghai China SCBLCNSX Account no: 000000501511347430 CP,FX
JPY Standard Chartered Bank, Tokyo SCBLJPJT Account No: 23757101110 CP,FX
CAD Standard Chartered London SCBLGB2L Account no: 02 012 735 82258 IBAN no: GB29 SCBL 6091 0412 735822 CP,FX
AUD Standard Chartered London SCBLGB2L Account no: 46 012 735 84992 IBAN no: GB76 SCBL 6091 0412 735849 CP,FX
INR SBM Bank India, Mumbai STCBINBX Account no: 82535000000058 CP,FX
INR Development Credit Bank Ltd, Mumbai, India DCBLINBB061 Account no: 02320700000037 CP,FX
MUR SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd STCBMUMU Account no: 50200000000153 IBAN no: MU48STCB1170000000000153000MUR CP,FX
ZAR Rand Merchant Bank, South Africa FIRNZAJJ Account no: 9021345 CP,FX
ZAR Standard Bank Of South Africa, Johannesburg SBZAZAJJ Account no: 7228508 CP,FX
UGX Stanbic Bank Uganda SBICUGKX Account no. 9030015549636 CP,FX
AED Mashreq Bank Dubai BOMLAEAD Account no. 019030000601 CP,FX

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