Frequently Asked Questions

How can we assist you today?

How do I get Mobile2Bank service?

Kindly call your SBM Bank Kenya Relationship Manager, our contact Centre or visit your nearest SBM Bank Kenya branch to apply for this service.


Tel: +254 (0) 709 800 000 / +254 (0) 730 175 000

WhatsApp Chat: +254 (0) 773 758 196


Twitter: @sbmbankkenya

Facebook: SBM Bank Kenya

I have received payments but the money has not been credited into my bank account?

This may happen when systems are down interfering with real time settlement. Kindly allow time to pass for the credit to be processed. In case the funds are not credited within 24hrs, please call SBM bank contact centre for assistance.

Will I be able to apply for a loan with this service?

Yes. You can apply for unsecured business loan of up to Kes. 5 million. Visit your nearest SBM bank branch to apply or get in touch with your relationship manager for assistance. 

What is SPS?

Simple Payments Solution (SPS) is a mode of remitting bulk or single payments (e.g. salaries, commissions, fees), to a single or multiple account numbers, mobile Mpesa numbers, or Mpesa business numbers, through a web based  portal.

Must I hold an account with SBM Bank to use the SPS services?

Yes, since the payments are debited directly from your SBM Bank account and transfered to the payees.

What is the fee charged on SPS payments? and present it to an SBM Bank branch closest to



How do I receive the login credentials?

We will send your username and a temporay password to your email address that is maintained by the bank, once the set up is done.

I did not receive the login credentials?

If you have not received the credentials, please follow the steps below:

  • Check your spam mail
  • If it is a company email, confirm with the company’s IT support if emails containing passwords are allowed
  • Contact us on +254 (0) 709 800 000 / +254 (0) 730 175 000 for further assistance

I have logged in, how do I make payments?

Once set up has been done, a user manual will be sent to you with a bank official’s contacts to assist in of challenges.

Besides making payments, what other services can can I access through SPS?

You can view account balances and your SPS transaction history.

When can I use the SPS Service?

With SPS, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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