Frequently Asked Questions

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How fast can I access the Mortgage loan upon application?

Once we have all the information needed to assess the loan application, we endeavour to meet your timing requirements. Often this is within 48 working hours for approval/decline decision by our Credit team, but we will always give you a clear indication of the time involved and what we need from you to speed up the process. Once approval is granted, the conveyance process commences and this may take upto a maximum of 60 days.

Can I use the SBM Mortgage Loan to consolidate and pay off other loans?

Yes, you definitely can. We provide funds to repay debt with other lenders as well as a wide range of other needs that arise such as outstanding bills or unexpected costs, family emergencies and events, travel, car repairs or purchase, new or replacement of household items, school fees and uniforms. This is predominantly covered within the Equity Release type of Mortgage Talk to our friendly staff about what we can make possible for you on 0709 800 000/ 0730 175 000 or visit your local branch.

What is the minimum age for applying for SBM Mortgage Loan?

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

Can I apply for more than one product when applying for the Mortgage Loan?

Yes, you can. The Mortgage loan is bundled with a credit card and an insurance premium finance product to ensure that our customers enjoys peace of mind when applying for the mortgage loan.

Can I apply for an SBM Mortgage Loan if I do not bank with SBM?

Yes, you definitely can. SBM Mortgage Loan is available to both existing SBM account holders and non-account holders. However, non-account holders will be required to open an account with SBM Bank during application. One month's salary has to be sighted in the account before the mortgage is approved.

What are the closing costs when applying for a Mortgage?

The Mortgage Loan has several closing costs that are associated with it such as: -

  • Commitment fee - 1% of loan amount
  • Stamp Duty - 4% of selling price payable to the Government (For Purchases)
  • Valuation fees - Pegged on value of the property offered as security
  • Legal fees - Payable to Lawyers for conveyance and registration services

What is the current pricing for the Mortgage Loans?

The Mortgage loan is priced at the Bank's base lending rate of 10.4% plus a margin of 3.1% which totals to 13.5% p.a

Why has the bank decided to start charging Mobile banking Charges?

The Central Bank had suspended charges related to transfer of money between bank and mobile phone transactions in 2020 at the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This suspension was lifted in November 2022. Following the announcement by Central Bank of Kenya all banks are resuming the charges for Bank to Mobile phone (Wallet) transactions.

Are Wallet to Bank transactions also affected by this resumption of charges?

Mobile phone (Wallet) to Bank transactions were not affected by the suspension of charges. Customers will continue being charged as per existing tariffs.

When will the new Bank to Wallet charges take effect?

The new charges will be effected on 01-March-2023, as per prudential guidelines, after 30 days notification

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