Frequently Asked Questions

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I am getting the error "Username does not exist" what should I do?

This means that the username entered is none existent on SBM Bank online banking platform. Please retry login using the correct Username or contact the Bank or your Relationship Manager for assistance.

I am getting the error "Authentication failed" what should I do?

This means that you got the username right but you are using the wrong password. Please try again with the correct password or use the forgot password option to reset your password.

I am getting the error “Invalid OTP during login." what should I do?

Please reconfirm the OTP as sent via SMS or Email on your registered mobile/ Email address, and retry Login. It can also mean that your OTP has expired requiring you to re-initiate the OTP.

I am getting an error “No associated account found” when I attempt to transact?

Please reach out to your relationship manager, branch or call contact center to report the issue.

When I submit username and password, the button and platform is unresponsive.

This happens in situations with low internet connectivity. Please check you connectivity, if possible switch network and try tether using your phone to connect internet onto your laptop. If the issue persists, please reach out to contact center for assistance.

Is my username same as what I indicated on the application form?

Ideally, you should get the same username you requested for, however this is subject to availability of the Username in which case the bank will try to get a username as close as possible to what you requested could have used it. You can confirm your username by calling our contact center on 0709800000.

Where can I find my Bank account details?

Once you Login, all your linked accounts will be displayed on the home page under My Account Summary or go to the left panel Main Menu side and click on Accounts.

a) Click view balance to display account balances
b) Click View Mini statement to view up to 100 recent transaction records in the account
c) Click Full Statement and select account and date range to view/download the select account details

How far back can I see my transaction history?

Your transaction history for all accounts held with the bank can be viewed on Online Banking platform dating back for up to last 100 transactions. You can download full statements for any date periods. We also send out FREE Monthly e statements to your email so that you have all of your transactional history.

How can I manage Beneficiaries?

You can Add, Edit or Delete beneficiaries by selecting Beneficiaries on the main menu section. Click on beneficiaries and follow the steps required. Please do not include special characters to the beneficiary name e.g. &, $, !, @, /, . , *, _, etc.

How can I transfer money?

Once you Login into Online Banking platform, please select Funds transfer main menu section. You may select the following options: Own Account, Same Bank, Local Bank & International Bank. Enter details and follow the command prompts.

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