Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I confirm that status of a submitted or approved transaction?

Login into online banking and select Transaction Status in the main menu section. Choose between Single Transaction Status and Bulk Transaction Status. Status details of the most recent transactions will be displayed on the screen.

How do I approve a transaction?

Login into online banking and select Pending Approvals in the main menu section. Choose between Single Transaction and Bulk Transaction. Search for the specific bulk payment, view records and Approve/Deny by following command prompts.

Will all signatories receive notification of a transaction done for joint or corporate accounts?

Yes, all users’ setup on online banking to the account will receive both an SMS and E-mail notification for any activity done on the account. The transaction changes status to approve when the mandate count of approvals is achieved.

My bulk payment failed after submission.

Please call your relationship manager or branch for assistance.

How safe is Online Banking? What systems are in place to ensure security?

The platform is very secure; we offer two factor authentication meant to secure your profile.

How can I help safeguard my banking information?

By ensuring that every login and transaction is accompanied by a secured one-time password. Ensure to keep your password secure upon log in.

How do I know I am visiting a secured SBM Bank Online site?

a) Ensure that you are on the secured website by checking that the URL begins with “https://” rather than “http://”.
b) Look for a “Closed padlock icon” in the address bar; it indicates encryption is being used on the web page. The icon is located on the left of the URL on most recent browsers, but may vary in location on older ones.
c) Verify the website certificate by double clicking on the icon displayed above to ensure that it is valid and details of issuer.
d) Ensure that you access online banking by clicking on the Online Banking link available on our website

What happens if I do not log off the Online Banking system?

The system will automatically log you out if your profile is inactive for 10 minutes. This is a security measure to ensure that someone else does not attempt to transact on your account while you are away.

What procedures are in place to prevent hackers from accessing my account?

We have a robust architecture of the system to mitigate unauthorized logins; however, the two-step verification requiring an OTP will serve to ensure that only the owner of the profile can log in to the portal.

How often must I change my password?

The Bank recommends that you change your password regularly to safeguard your login credentials, this could be monthly or quarterly basis.

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