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Can I specify the name to be setup for my shortcode different from my bank account name?

Yes, you can specify your preferred merchant name while registering for the shortcode. This name will be indicated on the confirmation SMS sent by SBM bank to the payer.

How do I know that a customer has successfully paid to SBM through my merchant shortcode?

You will receive an instant SMS notification on your registered phone number and on the phone number, you had specified in the application form. The person making the payment will also receive confirm of receipt of payment.

How do I verify receipt and credit of payment into my SBM Bank account?

SBM Bank will send an instant SMS to the merchant on the registered phone number, on the phone number, specified on the application form and the payee. The SMS has the payee’s mobile number, name and unique MPESA Ref number.

You can also log into your SBM Bank account through Mfukoni Mobile or Online Banking to confirm actual credit into your SBM Bank account.

Can I access excel statements for use to track and monitor my cash flows?

Yes. Log into Mfukoni mobile banking or SBM online banking and download full statement based on the period you wish to track and verify i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.

What is the maximum amount a customer can pay through the SBM merchant shortcode?

Customer can pay from their MPESA wallet a maximum of Kes 300,000 per transaction and Kes. 1M per day.

Can a customer reverse or cancel a transaction once paid through the SBM merchant shortcode?

No. A customer cannot reverse or cancel a transaction once paid.

How do I access money in my merchant account?

The payment is instantly credited into your SBM Bank account. You can conveniently access your money anywhere anytime through Mfukoni mobile banking, Online Banking, Debit Card or branch channels.

How do I handle customer disputes?

In the event a payee disputes or requires a reversal of a transaction, the customer will be required to contact the bank and lodge a dispute. The Bank will immediately investigate the complaint for validation. A reversal can only be initiated by the Bank upon validation of the complaint.


PesaLink is an instant electronic money transfer service within Kenya for local bank to bank account. It is a real time 24-hour Digital money transfer and payment solution that is easy to use, fast, convenient, secure, and affordable. PesaLink is available on SBM bank Online Banking and Mobile App Mfukoni.

How do I enroll for PESALINK with SBM Bank Kenya?

Existing SBM Bank account customers and new customers can enroll for the service through our Online or Mobile Banking solutions. Simply login to any of the two digital channels and click on Funds Transfer > PesaLink > Settings> Link Your Phone/Link Account

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