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Enjoy making easy bulk payments to your employees, suppliers or partners through this payment processing system that allows you to remotely upload payment instructions

Why choose the Simple Payments Solution

Make instant payments to employees and vendors at the click of a button

Make payments without worrying about cut-off time

Safely make payments to bank accounts and M-PESA

Cheaper transaction charges compared to EFT

Payroll confidentiality is maintained throughout

Account reconciliation is easier and automated

Eligibility / Documents Required

  • Duly filled application and indemnity for SPS procedure forms
  • Applicant must have an active bank account with SBM bank
  • Excel sheet document with list of payees and their account details

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Rates & Fees

  • Transfer charges per transaction to M-PESA – Kes. 58
  • Transfer charges per transaction to SBM account – Kes. 100
  • Transfer charges per transaction to another local bank account – Kes. 150
Simple Payments Solution