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Are you at home? Out of town on vacation? Access your cash anywhere, anytime through our innovative SBM Mfukoni Mobile Banking application.

Why choose the SBM Mfukoni Mobile Banking

Access to easy and quick loans

Set up a standing order on your Mobile Banking app.

Easy cash transfer from your bank account to M-PESA

Requests for a credit and debit card can be made on the app

Bills and utilities can be paid for right on your Mobile Banking app

Access to free e-statements for viewing and download

Can view your cheque status and make a cheque book and banker’s cheque request on your app

Eligibility / Documents Required

  • Duly filled application form
  • Supporting documents for amounts above Kes. 1 Million

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Rates & Fees

  • Transfer charges from SBM bank account to M-PESA
    • Charges to transfer Kes. 0 - Kes. 20,000 = Kes. 33
    • Charges to transer Kes. 20,0001 – Kes. 70,000 = Kes. 53.00
  • Mfukoni MPESA to bank account - Free
  • Mfukoni account e-statements - Free
  • Mfukoni bill payments - Free
  • Mfukoni airtime top-up - Free
  • SBM account to SBM account - Free,
  • SBM to another local bank (RTGS) - Kes. 500 per transaction
  • SBM to another local bank (EFT) - Kes. 150 per transaction
  • SBM to an international bank - Kes. 1,500 per transaction

** All fees and charges are subject to 20% excise duty

SBM Mfukoni Mobile Banking