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Money Transfer Services

Money Transfer Services

Sending and receiving money from abroad is now easier, faster and more convenient. Choose from any service and transfer cash anywhere in the world.

Western Union

Use Western Union to send money to friends and family around the world at any SBM Bank Branch countrywide.


Send and receive money anywhere in the world through the quick and efficient service facilitated by MoneyGram. It’s prompt and reliable.


Through this South African based money transfer service, you can enjoy instant cash transfers between Kenya and South Africa at a flat rate of 10%. What’s more, collection is free.


Transfast allows you to send money to other bank accounts easily and have it reflected withing two business days. You can track the status of the cash in transit through the provided TF PIN.


Xoom is a PayPal service that has partnered with SBM, allowing people in the USA and Canada to send money to their friends and family in Kenya. Transfer is typically completed in minutes, making the cash available almost immediately.

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Money Transfer Services