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This integrated mobile and online based solution issues you with a business account that comes with an M-PESA Pay Bill or Buy Goods Till Number for easy payment collection.

Why choose the Mobile 2 Bank

Seamless payment collection from customers

Businesses can collect money directly from mobile wallets into their SBM accounts

Pay another business from your bank account through the mobile money app

M-PESA agents can purchase float directly from their SBM bank accounts

Access to quick unsecured loans through the platform

Eligibility / Documents Required

  • Applicant must have an active account with SBM bank
  • For Pay Bill platform, business must need details captured under accounts section i.e. name

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Rates & Fees

  • Pay Bill charges are borne by the sender
  • Till Number charges are borne by the business
    • General Tills - 0.5%
    • Wholesaler Tills - 0.25%
    • Petroleum Tills - 0.5% (charges are borne by the sender
    • Payments between 0 and 200 - Free.
    • Maximum charge for amounts between 40,000 and 70,000 – Kes. 200
Mobile 2 Bank