Managing Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Every successful business today has a social media presence due to the critical role it plays in communicating to the customer. Social media acts as a vehicle of communication between a business and its customers and is proven to have a positive impact on the business when used to facilitate a two-way communication, which allows interaction at a more personal level.

Over the last decade, consumer behaviour has drastically changed. Consumers are now more receptive and adaptable to multi-channel engagement in business, hence they are happy to interact and engage with their favourite brands on social media. This is as a result of the continuous evolution of technology and the expectations of customer experience.

According to DataReportal 2022, there were 11.75 million active social media users in Kenya as at January 2022 which is equivalent to 21% of the total population. The role of social media in business is expanding, providing a gold mine of opportunities for brands to create, strengthen and deepen their relationships with their customers. Therefore, businesses ought to ensure quick resolution of the customer queries in order to protect their relationship with customers as well as their image on social media, as most customers are now liberalin expressing their experiences with brands openly on different social media platforms.

How do reviews affect consumer behaviours and their purchase preference?

Social media has played a big role in the shift of power to customers, making reviews vital to any business as many customers rely on the experiences of other customers. This affects the customer preference in different purchases of products and services. A positive  review shapes the image and builds trust for a business within its audience while a negative review could lead to a negative perception and potential loss of revenue. 

As commonly expressed, prevention is better than cure; therefore businesses ought to keep an eye on online reviews and engage positively with their online audience as this will go a long way in building credibility and trust on social platforms.

Social media has changed the face of customer experience and could have a positive impact if well leveraged by a business. It is imperative that businesses remain authentic, responsive and available. This assures customers that their favourite brand holds them in high regard.

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Managing Customer Experience in the Digital Age