What is SPS? 

Simple Payment Solution also known as SPS, is an online payment processing system.

The system allows you to remotely upload payment instructions with no manual intervention from the bank.


Who is it for?

The platform is a useful and convenient tool for SME and corporate clients who make frequent bulk payments to their employees, agents, shareholders, partners, suppliers and distributors.


What are the benefits?

With SPS you can:

  • Make instant payments to employees and vendors at the click of a button

  • Stop worrying about cut-off times at the bank

  • Make payments to any bank account and mobile wallet (MPESA) countrywide 

  • Cut down by half, your cost of transaction for sending payments

  • Maintain payroll confidentiality.

  • Reduce time spent in reconciling accounts.


What are the requirements?

Simply walk into any branch and submit your duly filled application and SPS indemnity forms. Within 24 hours, your account will be set up and your SPS credentials will be sent to the email addresses as indicated on the application form. 


How does it work?

SPS is set up to have a Maker and Checker profile for two factor authentication. 


  1. The maker will log in with their credentials and the One Time Passcode (OTP) which they will receive via email. 

  2. The maker will upload an excel file with the list of payees, and their account details/Mpesa numbers to the system

  3. The maker will then receive an email notification of the file upload

  4. The checker will log in and either approve or reject the file upload

  5. The secure encrypted file is sent to the bank and is processed in real-time

  6. The funds are transferred and the recipient(s) receive the funds, in their bank account or mobile wallets (MPESA) mobile numbers.


How much does it cost?

The tariff for SPS transactions is based on the type of payment. Currently, SPS supports payments to Mobile Wallets (MPESA Only), internal payments (SBM to SBM accounts), and external payments (SBM to accounts held at other local banks).


To Mpesa Mobile                       To SBM Bank Account                        To Other Bank Accounts

Ksh.58 (per transaction)             Ksh.100 (per transaction)                  Ksh.150 (per transaction)


NB: 20% excise duty applicable to all charges.


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