For Diaspora

Being away from the country should never mean you have to miss out on financial opportunities back home.
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The world is now smaller and our finances are more global. Technology has enabled us to take advantage of opportunities all around the world. Being in the diaspora should therefore not exclude you from the numerous opportunities back here. From investments in property to financially assisting loved ones with their day-to-day needs, you are able to operate seamlessly between home and away.

Take advantage of our diaspora solutions in order to:

  • Grow with SBM savings products and services tailored for you;
  • Invest and build wealth with our diversified investment options;
  • Transact anywhere and at any time;

As a local bank with an understanding of international lifestyles, we leverage technology and our expertise to ensure you are able to be fully engaged in Kenya from the diaspora.

1. Colored passport size photos
2. Copy of your valid Kenyan passport/ID 
3. KRA pin 
4. FATCA (US citizen, residents and taxable in US), CRS (rest of the world)
5. 3 months bank statement from your current bank or 1 month notarized pay stub
6. Account opening form- duly completed
7. Proof of physical residence – utility bill, tenancy agreement

For Diaspora