Enjoy the security and wider access of card transactions via our range of pre-paid cards.


SBM Debit Card
SBM Debit Card

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using your Visa or MasterCard debit card at any SBM Bank ATM or Visa enabled ATMS. In addition, you can use your card to shop at any point of sale whether it's in restaurants, convenient stores, fuel stations, online shopping or for your travel. With the SBM Debit Card, you will experience the following:


New card Kes 400

• Card Renewal Kes 500

• SBM Bank ATM fees Kes 30

• Pesa Point ATM fees Kes 70

• Non SBM ATMs1 Kes 250



Acceptability in millions of VISA ATM or POS worldwide

• Secured way of carrying cash

• Convenience and faster way of making a purchase

• Convenience of using card for online purchases

• Secured way of paying online

  • You can easily deposit money to your current account at any SBM Branch, SBM Popote or via Mpesa Paybill 552883.
  • You can shop online or transact at any Point of Sale without any charges.
  • You can withdraw cash from any Visa ATM worldwide.
Visa Gold Credit Card
Visa Gold Credit Card


Don’t feel stranded anymore, get the Visa Gold Credit Card and go about your business without worrying what’s in your pocket . They come along with a pocketful of benefits that will help you sort out your finances and design your lifestyle around the things you love. With the Visa Gold Credit Card, you will experience the follwing:

  1. Loyalty points with every point of sale purchase, 1 point for every Kes. 500.00 spent.
  2. Cash advance up to your credit limit.
  3. Minimum amount to be paid is 10% of the amount spent.
  4. Up to 50 days interest free period
  5. Insurance cover currently being negotiated that will include travel insurance, purchase protection, atm hijack/ robbery, fraudulent charges

• 1 point for every Kes 500 spent
• Up to 50 days interest free credit on your purchases
• Flexible repayment options for as low as 10% of
your outstanding
• Up to 50% of your credit limit in cash from any ATM displaying a VISA logo
• Free SMS alerts
• Free e-statements


• Minimum credit limit of Kes 20,000

Visa Gold Features.

  1. 50 days credit cycle with the billing date being the 15th of every month
  2. Payments required to be done by the 5th of every month
  3. Requirement for getting one include providing your latest payslip, latest 6 months bank statements, copy of ID or passport and a filled application form
  4. Card can be used both locally, internationally and online.
  5. Card can be paid by cash, cheque, mpesa, bank transfers that include EFT, RTGS and TT.
  6. Minimum credit limit for the card is Kshs. 30,000.00


VISA Prepaid Card
VISA Prepaid Card

Are you travelling, looking for a financial card to do your online payments or handle your day to day personal and/or office operations? The SBM Prepaid Card will enable you achieve these hustle free! It comes in USD and KES to provide a secure way to carry your dollars and Kenya shillings locally or abroad enabling you enjoy our competitive Forex Rates.

Benefits of SBM Prepaid Card

  1. Easy top up options which includes: SBM Branches, Mpesa, email instructions (with email indemnity) online/mobile banking, bank transfers (RTGS/EFT) and cheques.
  2. SBM Prepaid card can be used at Point of Sale (POS) worldwide, online transactions, and payment for goods and services in USD and KES currencies.
  3. Cash withdrawal from all VISA ATMs locally and worldwide. Cash will be dispensed in the local currency or the currency available at the particular ATM.
  4. Our USD prepaid card holder is shielded from Forex Rates costs that would otherwise apply when using a KES - based card when shopping internationally and online.
  5. Customers with USD accounts can easily top up their USD prepaid cards by transferring money from their account to the USD prepaid card.
  6. Guaranteed security - it is much safer to carry your money in a card than in cash.

In addition, the card is Chip enabled and a PIN must be provided to complete the transaction; the card is not directly linked to your main account hence reducing the risk exposure.

Note: Your PIN is your secret and should be kept confidential at all times.