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Put money away and watch it grow in service of your dreams and aspirations. Enjoy the best interest rates and features that allow your money to multiply. Instant Saver Account is a stand-alone savings account, for anyone looking to open an interest earning individual account.

Why choose the Instant Saver Account

No monthly ledger fees are charged

Account is available in all major currencies: KES,USD,GBP

Interest is credited into the account quarterly

Gives access to seamless branchless banking through ATMs, POS, Online and Mobile banking.

Allows you to send and receive money fast worldwide through multiple money transfer channels such as Telegraphic Transfers (TTs), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), MoneyGram, Transfast, Xoom, Mukuru and Xpress Money

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Rates & Fees

  • Standing order - Kes. 300
  • Bankers cheque - Kes. 400
  • Counter withdrawal charge - Kes. 200
Instant Saver Account